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In the difference of Bra

Right side : Swiss panty Maker Introduces No Smoking Bra

Triumph International, a Swiss-based underwear maker, has developed a bra which it claims helps women quit smoking with embedded perfume capsules that react with cigarette smoke making it unpleasant smelling. The capsules contain lavender which has a sedative property as well as jasmine which alters the taste of cigarettes. The bra is also treated with liquid titanium to break down cigarette smoke.

The bra was presented at a trade show in Tokyo but Triumph has not yet decided if it will actually produce the bra. One wonders when Triumph will develop a bra to either attract men or repel them depending on the woman's mood.

Triumph is know for it's "bravertising"

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While left side : Bizarre bra protest … against union 'busting'

Hundreds of retrenched workers staged a unusual protest this week in Manila following layoffs in the Philippines and Thailand by lingerie maker, Triumph International.

Retrenched Thai workers join Filipino protesters as they display underwear marked with slogans during a protest outside the sales office of Triumph at the financial district of Makati, south of Manila. The workers condemned the retrenchment of thousands of workers in Philippines and Thailand by Triumph International.

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