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Police Issue Warrant for Arrest of Triumph Union Protest Leaders, And using a Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) destroy the protesters

Warrant for Arrest of Jitra Kotchadej (

INN: On Friday 28 August, the Dusit Police Bureau issued a warrant for the arrest of the three leaders of Triumph International Thailand Labor Union (TITLU)’s protest action in front of Parliament, which occurred from 10am to 6pm on Thursday August 27th, 2009. According to police, the protest inconvenienced officials working inside the building throughout the day. Police Lt. General Worapong Shivapreecha, the Bureau head, named Sunthorn Boonyod (50 years old), Bunrawd Saiwong (33 years old), and Jitra Kotchadej (34 years old) as offenders listed in the warrant. He announced that these protest leaders had been charged with creating assemblies of 10 persons or more, inciting unrest in the city, and refusing to end their disruptive protest actions at the request of the police (Criminal Law Codes 215-216).

Thai Labor Solidarity Action @ Government House & Parliament (lead by TITLU)27 Aug 2009

300-400 Triumph workers surrounded Parliament on Thursday morning, requesting that Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva accept their petition regarding the multinational garment company’s unfair dismissal of 1,959 Thai workers. The Prime Minister claimed that he was too busy to accept the letter in person, a decision that left the protesters dissatisfied. As a result, they continued to occupy the area in front of the Parliament building. The General said that while demonstrations acceptable if carried out with the appropriate permissions, TITLU’s Thursday action had violeted several laws. Shivapreecha concluded that because the three leaders had refused to end their protest at the request of police, they would now be held accountable for their disruptive behavior.

Against Neo - Liberalism, Stop! Triumph' s Union Busting

Action @ Government House

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, an officer at the Dusit Police Station said that Pol. Lt. Gen. Sombat Hemant was the officer now in charge of the case and that those named in the warrant were Sunthorn Boonyod (50 years old), Bunrawd Saiwong (33 years old), and Jitra Kotchadej (34 years old). He further revealed that the these protest leaders were charged with creating assemblies of 10 persons or more, inciting unrest in the city, and refusing to end their disruptive protest actions at the request of the police (Criminal Law Code 215-216).

@ Government House

Jitra Kotchadej, an independent consultant for TITLU, and one of the individuals named in the warrant, said that she had just received the news of the charges from the INN website this afternoon. She added that she had yet to receive a the formal announcement letter from the Police and that she was now waiting for input from today’s TITLU conference before taking action.


Between march go to the parliament , Triumph woman worker must take a child rides piggyback

Kotchadej took Abhisit to task for his silence at the TITLU workers’ desperate appeal to the government to ensure that their workers’ rights and means of survival are protected against Triumph’s exploitative practices. She further questioned the police charges, asking how 400 unemployed elderly women garment workers could possibly cause “unrest,” let alone pose any sort of threat to Parliament security.

Bunrawd Saiwong is the secretary of the Triumph International Thailand Labor Union (TITLU). Jitra Kotchadej works as an independent consultant for TITLU. Sunthorn Boonyod, a manager at Labor Congress Center for Labor Unions of Thailand (LCCLUT), participated in Thursday’s demonstration in solidarity with TITLU.

Criminal Law Code Section 215 prohibits assemblies of more than 10 people, giving police the authority to disperse such gatherings. Punishment for inciting unrest is 6 months in prison, a fine of 5000THB, or both. If these offenders are found with weapons, they will face imprisonment for no more than 2 years a fine of not more than 4000THB, or both. If those charged are leaders in a position of authority and command over said unrest, they will be imprisoned not more 5 years, subject to a fine of not more than 10,000THB, or both.

Action @ Parliament “lay off the patient , the pregnant woman then them go to ... , do ? , ”

Criminal Law Code Section 216 states that in cases in which those offenders mentioned in section 215 refuse to disperse after the police’s request, these offenders will face imprisonment for not more than 3 years, a fine not more than 6000THB, or both.

Situation after a child and woman labor confronts with LRAD


At door 1 of parliament

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The police at the Thai Parliament building resorted to using a Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) destroy the protesters

The Long Range Acoustic Device, a gift(Sound Weapons) from Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva to Triumph international Labor(Thailand) Union

During the joint solidarity action held by unfairly laid-off workers of Triumph International Thailand Labor Union (TITLU), Anyon Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. , and subcontractor Worldwell Garment Co., Ltd., the police at the Thai Parliament building resorted to using a Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) against the protesters. An LRAD is a new, controversial, “less-lethal weapon” whose high concentration of sound waves can cause temporarily deafness and blurred vision, but also permanent hearing loss. While the sonic device has caught media attention for its use by international cruise ships against Somali pirates in the Pacific Ocean, and the US military continues to perfect the technology by “testing” it in combat against Iraqi insurgents, Thai police are now learning the various ways that LRADs can be used against the Thai people.

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LRAD at The Parliament used destroy Labor Union

In response to the October 2000 attack on the USS Cole, Amarican Technology Corporation™ developed and introduced our revolutionary Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD™) and continue to expand our sound reproduction technologies and products to meet the needs of our customers and target markets.

Long Range Acoustic Device—a megaphone with unprecedented clarity and aim that can shoot compact sound waves across several hundred yards at up to 150 decibels. the LRAD is for fending off insurgents, dispersing crowds, flushing out buildings, maintaing port security, and telling people "not to come any closer," says Marine Capt. D. J. McSweeney. Thirty-three inches in diameter, the LRAD plays MP3s and prerecorded warnings in several languages and has an adjustable screeching tone. "It's very, very irritating," says American Technology's Carl Gruenler. So irritating that human-rights activists are worried about lasting hearing damage.

On November 7, 2005 LRAD was first used to foil a pirate attack on a Seabourn Cruise Line luxury cruise. The system was installed as a part of the ship's defense systems, and was activated when pirates attacked the ship with RPGs 160 kilometers off the Somali coast . The pirates failed to board the cruiser. LRAD's maritime application was realized after the 2000 attack on the USS Cole off Yemen, as a way to keep operators of small boats from approaching US warships. The system was evaluated by commercial ship operators, as a non lethal way to ward off pirate attacks. Other applications include armed unmanned surface vehicles, as international maritime law does not allow commercial vessels to carry heavy armament.


"The police at the Thai Parliament building resorted to using a Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) against the protesters" News from

Where is the poor's place in Thailand?

On 27 Aug - Thai government under PM Abhisit used war arm called Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) without notice to force the Labour Union protesters who Just wanna know the response from PM concerning their petition which want PM help them to fix argument between them and their employer.

If you don't know - I'll tell you that LRAD can make permanent ear damage and can make heart attack in case of heart diseased patient.

According to section 44 of the constitution of Thailand - people absolutely have their liberty to assemble peacefully and without arms. So where is the standard of basic human rights in Thailand? Bourgeois can do everything what they want such as the international airport and Government office occupancy but if you were born to be grassroots in Thailand - Don't ask about your rights from elite! There's no such kind for poor people!

where are the human rights defenders in Thailand? why don't u guys protect women who were severely abused by Government? what's your standard? where's your statement? I Just want to know...

Question from Pimsiri MoOk Petchnamrob in