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Triumph Trade Union Ends its 46-Day Work Stoppage

The collect movement picture of 46-Day of strike

Tue, 16/09/2008


After the 46-day work stoppage, negotiations between Body Fashion (Thailand) Co. Ltd, producer of women’s underwear and swimwear, located at Bang Phli Industrial Estate, and Triumph International (Thailand) Labour Union ended after the two sides agreed to abide by the future ruling of the court. The company will not object to the petition filed by Ms. Jittra Cotshadet for the court to reopen the case. It will be known on September 23, 2008 whether or not the court will reconsider the case. Body Fashion (Thailand) Co. Ltd makes products under different brands such as Triumph, Valisere, Sloggi, and Amo.

This dispute started when the 3,000 members of Triumph International (Thailand) Labour Union started a work stoppage on 30 July 2008 in response to the use of a court order by Body Fashion (Thailand) Co. Ltd. to dismiss Ms. Jittra Cotshadet, President of the Triumph International (Thailand) Labour Union. The company claimed that the company’s reputation was damaged after Ms. Jitra wore a shirt with the slogan “Not to stand up is not a crime. Thinking differently is not a crime” when she was invited as a guest speaker at NBT’s Krong Satanakarn talk-show programme to discuss the issue of abortion on April 24, 2008. In the latest development the Labour Union submitted four demands: 1) The Company must reinstate Ms. Jitra as Ms. Jitra pursues her rights in the court. This is on the basis that the company will not submit any more evidence in the case; 2) The Company must reinstate the workers without taking any criminal or civil action against them; 3) The company must pay salaries to the workers during the work stoppage; 4) The Company must abide by the law and profssional ethics under the Conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO).

In the latest update (on 13 September 2008), negotiations were held last Thursday and Friday. The result was both sides agreed to the reinstatement of Ms. Jitra based on the Labour Court investigation and both sides will respect and abide by the ruling of the court. The company confirmed that it would not object to the petition to reopen Ms. Jitra’s case.

The Company would also pay a daily income of 363 baht to Ms. Jitra from September 13 to the day when the court decides to reopen the case and revoke the previous ruling.

The Company also affirmed that it will not take any disciplinary action based on the company’s rules or use civil and criminal law to persecute and terminate the contracts of the workers who were involved in the work stoppage. The Company would pay the regular wage from September 13 onward and assistance money of 5,200 baht to each worker that took part in the work stoppage.

According to the agreement, workers who are not sewing operators, namely those working in the cutting, warehouse, moulding, packing, and mechanical departments are expected to return back to work on September 15 (Monday). The sewing operators are expected to return to work on September 26 at the latest.

Ms. Jitra said that the Labour union is ending its 46-day work stoppage this evening and all workers will return back to work from September 15 onward.

With regard to her case, she had submitted a petition to the Samut Prakan Provincial Central Labour Court to reopen the case where the Company used the Court Order to dismiss her. The court informed her that she will be informed on September 23 whether or not her case would be reopened.

Ms. Jitra said that the work stoppage campaign in defence of the Labour Union is one of their victories. Every worker dares to declare that no matter what will happen they are ready to protect their Labour Union. The workers, although did not succeed in reaching their expected goals due to economic factors, learnt a lot from this experience about what they would have to do to prepare a response to similar situations in the future.

Translated by Pokpong Lawansiri


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