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Triumph labour union seeks PM's help after lay-off

BANGKOK, June 30 (TNA) – About one hundred workers and the labour union chief of Triumph International (Thailand) on Tuesday submitted a letter to Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva at Government House asking for the government's help after almost 2,000 employees were made redundant.

Labour Union chairman Boonsub Kuanfoong said the management of Body Fashion (Thailand), a Triumph production unit, had laid off 1,930 staff, giving the reason that the company was undergoing restructuring.

However, the union chief said the dismissals were not made lawfully or otherwise in accord with Ministry of Labour procedures. There were no discussions on the matter with the Ministry, while the laid-off employees, some of whom were pregnant, were not informed of the situation.

The union said the company failed to offer the customary severance pay to all of its staff, workers with years of working performance. The special compensation package including one month salary for every year worked, and it also failed to propose immediate unemployment compensation for which they were entitled to receive.

Finally the employer has postponed making compensation payments until August, which the union said is taking unfair advantage of its laid-off workers.

However, the company executives issued a statement saying written notice had been given individually to all of the affected employees on June 29. Discussions are now underway with the company’s unions and officials of the Ministry of Labour on severance payments and assistance to employees in finding new employment.

Severance arrangements for employees who will be leaving the company in all cases significantly exceed the requirements of Thai employment law, the statement said.

Citing global recession and downturn in consumer demand, Body Fashion Thailand said the company had to implement global restructuring program to keep its business healthy. The company also reaffirmed that it was making every possible effort to ensure that all affected employees are being treated fairly and with respect for their contributions to the company.

Body Fashion (Thailand) is a manufacturer and distributor of women's lingerie and swimwear under the corporate umbrella of Triumph International (Thailand), with sub-brands Sloggi, Bee Dees, and Triumph Sport. (TNA)

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