วันอาทิตย์ที่ 13 กันยายน พ.ศ. 2552

Letter of Triumph union to the Management 10 September 2552

TITLU 0080/2552
10 September 2552

Re: The refusal of the management to negotiate with the TITLU

Dear Mr Kenneth Louise Marshall,

Triumph International Thailand Labour Union is facing great difficulty in providing assistance to union members in the factory, because of the dismissal of 13 union committee members who are not allowed to enter the factory compound.

On 1st September, the company enforced a new working-hour schedule, moving the start of work from 8 am to 7 am. There are over 300 workers who are not comfortable with this change because they are living in dangerous areas in which there are many cases of robbery etc. Many workers don’t have anyone to take their children to school. Some workers have to lock their children at home until their fathers return from night-shift. Some workers have to pay caretakers during this period of time, which increases their expenses.

Union committee members who are working inside the factory also cannot perform their duty, because the company has forbidden the previous practice of allowing union committees to walk freely in the compound. The company has also introduced a new policy stipulating that workers must submit their complaints to the supervisors; if they submit their complaints with to the union the company will not act to solve the problem. The workers should be able to launch their complaints with the one they trust. The actions of the company are aimed at busting the union. Clearly the company does not respect union members or the union. The companies actions are beyond the level of acceptance.

In order to solve these problems and show respect for collective bargaining rights, we urge the company to do as follows:

1. The company must engage in negotiations with the union;
2. The company must allow the union committee to enter the factory so that they can conduct their duty and, also, the company must stop blocking union committee members who are working inside the factory from carrying-out their union duties;
3. The company must respect the freedom of union committees to move freely in the factory, as has been the practice in the past;
4. The company must remove the policy that only complaints submitted to the supervisors will be considered;
5. The company must cancel the new, working-hour policy, and sit in negotiation with the union to solve the problems that many workers are now facing.

The Triumph International Thailand Labour Union looks forward to Your acknowledgement of our concerns.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Boonrod Saiwong,
Secretary, Triumph International Thailand Labour Union

Copies to:
Mr. Paitoon Kaewtong, the Minister for the Ministry of Labour
Mr. Gunther Schuller
Oliver Spiesshofer
Leonardo Innocenzi
Ursula von Gunten
Veronika Stossun
Sabrina Hartusch